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To protect both the massive animal and those living in the town of Katherine, the crocodile has reportedly been moved to the safety of a crocodile farm, where it will live out the rest of its life.

"He was removed downstream from Katherine to help prevent human interaction in the more populated areas".

"We've called it a lot of things over the years because it's been so hard to catch", Burke said.

A monstrous 600-kilogram crocodile has been nabbed in the Northern Territory after eluding rangers for 10 years.

Though the average saltwater crocodile is about 5 meters (17 feet) long, according to National Geographic, captures of this size are rare, park authorities said. "You've got to have a bit of respect for it".

So far this year, 187 of them have been captured in the Top End - the northernmost part of the Northern Territory, according to the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife website, which advises visitors to be "crocwise".

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To report a problem crocodile, phone a Parks and Wildlife Commission ranger in Darwin on 0419 822 859 or in Katherine on 0407 958 405. The largest crocodile ever captured in the region was a 20-ft. -long croc, nabbed in 1974.

A trap was then set a couple of weeks ago near Katherine River - and the crocodile, dubbed "big fella", swam right into it. This year, 190 have been captured.

The reptile, which is longer than a Land Rover 110, is among the largest ever caught in the Northern Territory.

Rangers also caught at a smaller 2.3m crocodile from a trap in the Katherine River near the same area on Monday.

The croc has been trucked to a crocodile farm outside Kathrine where it's likely to become a tourist attraction.