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The total eclipse is expected to last a record-breaking one hour and 43 minutes, seen in Italy from 21:30, when the moon enters the shadow of the Earth and turns red, until 23:13, when it will start to emerge and regain its normal appearance.

The eclipse is also known as the blood or red moon because when eclipsed, the moon looks red.

Next lunar eclipse is expected to be in January 2019, experts said adding the rare phenomenon was seen by almost all countries except the United States of America.

A partial lunar eclipse, as seen from Gaza City on Friday, July 27.

Although the sky over Bangladesh was not too clear due to clouds, many people of the country saw the record-breaking lunar eclipse early Saturday.

As the sunlight has to travel around Earth, if there is a lot of particulate matter in the air then it will encourage greater rates of refraction, making the moon appear red.

In Melbourne, the blood moon could still be seen over the western horizon after 6am.

Blood Moon dazzles, was longest lunar eclipse of 21st century

As it rises, during this total eclipse, Earth's natural satellite will turn a striking shade of red or ruddy brown. But the indirect sunlight is refracted by the earth's atmosphere. It had arrangements for residents to see through the telescope the Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, when the event occurred after 150 years.

Excited skywatchers on social media shared photos of the bright planet just to the right of the moon.

A partial eclipse was also observed in some areas when the moon entered and left the earth's atmosphere, referred in astronomical terms as the earth's umbral shadow. The centre's curator, Ramswaroop, said: "The lunar eclipse will likely be for around six hours".

When the moon moves into the conical shaped shadow of the earth, it stops being illuminated by sun, and gets dark. They perform cleansing ritual and pregnant women are not supposed to eat or do household work at the of lunar eclipse.

As with most eclipses, conspiracy theorists believe it is a sign of the end times and is referred to as the Blood Moon prophecy.

Hundreds flocked to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in the tech hub of Bengaluru on a cool Friday night to witness the spectacle in a hazy sky even as the red moon played hide and seek.

And Aan Burhany captured a yellowish shot of the lunar eclipse in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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