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The Pentagon has undertaken a cost analysis of the 35,000 USA troops based in Germany as part of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and other missions, following expressions of concern by President Donald Trump about the size and expense of their presence there. "Most certainly, we have a rising China".

"It does concern me", the Arizona senator told CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union" Sunday. They include the case of the former Russian spy who, along with his daughter, was poisoned in Britain with nerve gas - a poisoning British authorities say Russia orchestrated.

Trump's contrarian in chief approach is also evident when comparing his rhetoric on Putin and Russian activities to those of members of his own administration.

While the US President has told reporters that he intends to "mention" the election meddling to Mr Putin, he did not indicate whether he intends to try and stop any future attempts to influence global elections.

But Trump is known for his spontaneous and sometimes erratic style of doing diplomacy, and Kiev fears that behind closed doors he may prove susceptible to Putin's efforts to win US acceptance of Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

The list goes on, and I'm sure Putin will give Trump a big kiss when they get together later in July to work on how to rig our mid-term elections. "We do not recognize Russia's attempt to Annex Crimea".

Saying that he wants to improve relations with Moscow, Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on conclusions by the nation's intelligence agencies that Russian Federation tried to help him win the 2016 election, noting that Putin has "strongly" denied being behind the interference. Most participants in the poll (62%) believe that Putin's chief objective during the negotiations would be resolving bilateral issues, while Trump would try to strengthen the United States' position (71%). The leaders will convene on Wednesday and Thursday. Still, Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a weekly podcast on Saturday, said Germany would increase defense spending in its 2019 budget, suggesting Trump's jawboning is paying off.

Sino-US Trade War Begins
As Chinese crushers' costs rise, companies like Wilmar International Ltd., which has several plants in China, are taking a hit. Australia and Brazil also offer similar cotton grades and could help meet a looming shortage of high-quality fiber.

President Donald Trump is planning to meet one-on-one with Russian leader Vladimir Putin at their summit July 16 in Helsinki.

Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city, and discussed the situation of Iran, Syria and Ukraine with Putin.

Around half of those polled said that relations between Russian Federation and the USA are tense (49%), while the number of those sharing this opinion was 30% in 2017. The march organizers oppose more military spending.

But as Democratic members raise concerns, Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies advises they look "beyond tweets to the actual text of the new U.S".

The two ambassadors laid out a preliminary schedule for Trump's travels. And we are standing behind them on that.

Asked whether Trump shared his sharper perspective, Huntsman said, "The president will drive the discussion on malign activity and election meddling".