Former Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli and Benchmark Managing Partner Kevin Kelly on the passing of former Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne.

EXOR NV, the holding company of Fiat's founding Agnelli family, confirmed the news in a brief statement.

'He taught us to think differently and to have the courage to change, often in unconventional ways, always acting with a sense of responsibility for the companies and their people, ' said Elkann. FCA is a culture of leaders and employees that were born out of adversity and who operate without sheet music, ' Marchionne explained during the presentation.

She also said Manley's "masterful management of Jeep and RAM will serve him well as he moves into this huge, global role", according to the newspaper.

Marchionne was known for turning around the Fiat brand when he joined as CEO in June 2004.

Under the best of circumstances, Marchionne's pending departure presented Fiat Chrysler with a major void to fill.

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For the past several years, Marchionne had tried to engineer a merger or alliance between Fiat Chrysler and another automaker, driven by the view that vehicle companies were developing too much duplicate technology in the chase for cleaner engines and electric cars. In 2011 he became part of the company's Group Executive Council.

The Cgil union, Italy's most powerful, praised Marchionne for having "saved a dying company".

"Marchionne wrote an important page in the history of Italian industry".

In 2009, he presided over Fiat's merger with Chrysler, which was then the number three carmaker in the US.

The announcement of the death of Marchionne, one of the auto industry's most tenacious and respected CEOs, drew tributes from rivals and tears from his closest colleagues, a collective grief that overshadowed a big sell-off in Fiat Chrysler shares. He studied philosophy and law - but he also got degrees in business and commerce, setting him on a career path that wound its way from Canadian accounting firms to SGS, a Swiss testing and certification company - and finally to Fiat.