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Epic Games has announced that the limited time Playground mode, recently added, pulled, then returned to their battle royale smash hit, Fortnite, is to take another break next week for some new features and fine tuning.

Do not despair. Playground will return with some minor changes and tweaks, although there's no mention of making structures or creations permanent. For those who haven't been keeping up, the mode drops you and three other players on a loot-filled map and lets you do whatever you want for an hour.

Epic said it hopes to enable team selection options within the Playground itself in the next iteration. At its core, the mode is a private space where up to four players can interact independently of others.

The Playground mode was a heavily requested feature since Fortnite Battle Royale first gained popularity, allowing players to practice their building without the pressure of a real match. However, it is definitely coming back at some unplanned point in the future, and we know what it will look like when it does.

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"My buddies and I had so much fun in Playground".

"Obviously lots of work needs to be done before anything like that can happen, but maybe one day". As we all know by now standard Battle Royale has one hundred players falling onto the map to hunt each other until there is only one team or individual left standing.

However, the prospect of losing access to Playground in the near future resulted in Internet begging, with fans requesting (and demanding) that Epic leave Playground as a permanent installation.