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Irish Water's ban includes all activities which consume a large amount of water, such watering a garden, cleaning a private motor vehicle using a domestic hose pipe, and filling a or maintaining a domestic swimming or paddling pool.

"I find I am using just as much water as before except I am the beast of burden now, rather than the hose", she said.

"First thing this morning I was on the ball at 9am and I have a big order for a lot more watering cans, so hopefully they'll be in as quick as possible".

Water companies advise us to reuse water that you wash your vegetables in to water your plants.

People can get in touch with Irish Water to report their neighbours if they think they're wasting water.

Ms Gannon acknowledged the efforts being made by the public and businesses to conserve water. "It is essential that our water supply resources are conserved if we are to avoid restrictions and outages over the coming weeks and months".

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The leading water provider for the East of England has said the water levels in both reservoirs and groundwater stores are healthy, and in some cases above average. But our message remains as it always is and we're asking customers to use water wisely to help us manage supplies. Restrictions are likely to be put in place this week unless the demand for water drops.

Thus, it one way to reduce water consumption is to enforce a hosepipe ban.

The Water Conservation Order will be in place until July 31 but Irish Water will keep the situation under review and may have to extend the period of time the Order is in place.

"We have a serious challenge to ensure clean safe drinking water for everyone, given the current state of our network and the impact that sustained warm weather has had on water supplies both nationally and in the Greater Dublin Area.

You can help us by turning off your garden sprinklers, not using your hosepipes, not washing your auto and taking shorter showers and not baths this weekend". We may be surrounded by water, but did you know that despite our planet being covered in water, only 1% of it is actually drinkable?