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The update includes a new feature called "USB Restricted Mode" that will disable a data connection from the iPhone's charging/data port at the bottom of the device after one hour of being locked by default.

Unfortunately, USB Restricted Mode doesn't appear to be flawless; a $39 USB adapter can easily defeat it, according to ElcomSoft researcher Oleg Afonin.

"What we want to see is more granular control over what can and what cannot trigger the USB Restricted Mode". In other words, we have found no obvious way to break USB Restricted Mode once it is already engaged. However, it is possible to prevent the phone from going into Restricted Mode at all as long as you've got a Lightning USB accessory to plug in.

USB Restricted Mode is created to shut off access to data on an iPhone or iPad when new USB accessories are plugged into the Lightning port, as long as it's been more than an hour since you last unlocked your iPhone. Apple says that it added USB Restricted Mode to iOS to increase device security against a known means of hacking, which notably has been used by law enforcement personnel to extract the contents of criminal suspects' phones without their permission.

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According to one user, an iPhone 6 that was working perfectly started experiencing rapid battery drain after upgrading to iOS 11.4. iPhone 6 used to go a full day without needing to charge, but since installing iOS 11.4, the device's battery only lasts half a day. The feature is aimed at rendering third-party boxes which try to brute force into a locked iPhone useless.

It seems as though every new iOS updates brings various complaints from users ranging from performance setbacks to battery life issues, and iOS 11.4 is no exception.

It prevents specialist unlocking hardware made by the likes of Cellebrite and Grayshift from entering multiple passcode guesses via the phone's data port. This can be done by plugging any USB accessory into the iPhone's Lightning port. However, Apple had not released the details on its security page at the time of this posting, but expect them to appear sometime soon.

"We don't know if this behavior is here to stay, or if Apple will change it in near future".