Now, Iranian women are sharing Hojabri's videos on their own pages and paying homage to the teen with videos of themselves dancing in public, many without hijab. "I did not have any intention to encourage others doing the same". "I did not work with a network", a crying Hojabri told TV on Friday.

Social media users across the world have reacted strongly to the teenager's arrest, as dozens of tweets populated the hashtag under Hojbari's name. "I only do gymnastics", the Guardian newspaper quoted her as saying in the clip broadcast on Iranian state TV. In one video, she spoke about the history of parkour, an outdoor activity popular in Iran, and about women practitioners.

Before her account was blocked by Iranian authorities, Hojabri had posted around 300 videos on her Instagram account - in which she appeared without wearing the compulsory Islamic headscarf.

"I had some followers and these videos were for them".

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Hojabri's arrest bears similarities with a 2014 incident in which six young Iranians were arrested for producing a video based on the Pharrell Williams song "Happy". "I had some followers and these videos were for them".

Another video for a woman dancing at a park in Tehran.

Iranian woman are not allowed to dance in front of men except for close family members. Also, several hashtags like #dancing_isn't_a_crime emerged on Twitter where social media users shared videos and messages supporting the young dancer.

Captioning the video, he writes: 'If you tell people anywhere in the world that girls aged 17 and 18 are arrested due to their beauty, the joy of dance and accused of the crime of prostitution, and predators of children are free, they will laugh! They are banned from appearing in public without headscarves, were told to wear a long tunic over their regular clothes and are restricted from soccer stadiums, a rule that was lifted briefly during this year's World Cup. Another post showed a man holding a birthday cake and dancing, with the comment, "dancing isn't a crime". Their sentence - one year in prison and 91 lashes - was later suspended.