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The University of Louisville, whose stadium Papa John's held the naming rights, has already announced it will remove the logo from the stadium.

Papa John's is getting sliced from the University of Louisville's stadium, university officials announced Friday.

But "if I could take it off?"

Bendapudi said during a press conference Friday that she has the support of the board of trustees in making this change. The University of Louisville also said Wednesday that Schnatter resigned from its board of trustees, effective immediately. Still, an image of Schnatter, the "John" of "Papa John's", appears on a wide range of Papa John's materials, including its logo and pizza boxes.

Major League Baseball also suspended its "Papa Slam" promotion with the company - which provided fans a 40 percent discount on online orders the day after a grand slam was hit during a major league game - Yahoo Sports reported on Wednesday. Schnatter apologized and said he would resign as chairman.

Companies can leverage great personal stories to connect with customers, said Keith Hollingsworth, a professor at Morehouse College's business department.

During the call, he reportedly said "Colonel Sanders called blacks n--" and never faced backlash.

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The company told the publication it is still working out the exact timing and details as to how it plans to remove Schnatter, who has always been the face of the chain, from advertisements. Following the phone call, the agency ended its relationship with Papa John's.

To say things have not been going well for Papa John's seems like an understatement. Their statement condemned Schnatter, but noted that the Astros "are proud of our 10-year partnership with Houston Pizza Venture, a local Houston business and owner of the local franchisees".

"Five years from now, they might be able to start bringing him back".

Schnatter owns almost 30 percent of the company's shares, which fell after the report but rebounded when he said he would depart as chairman. Schnatter subsequently issued a statement acknowledging the use of "inappropriate and hurtful" language.

The company can not afford to alienate customers, with sales already under pressure from rivals such as Domino's.

Papa John's, based in Louisville, Kentucky, began operations in 1984 and had more than 5,200 locations globally. For the first three months of this year, the chain said a key sales figure fell 5.3 percent in North America.