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Iranians are posting videos of themselves dancing on social media to protest the arrest of a teenager whose seductive dance moves on Instagram landed her in police custody.

The teenage gymnast reassured authorities that it was not her intention to do so. There is no information available regarding the number of people arrested or the names of the others, the Guardian reported.

"I didn't work with a team, I received no training".

Hojabri is reportedly one of several people arrested and released on bail in Iran in recent weeks on charges related to dancing to pop music without wearing a hijab.

It shows her without a mandatory headscarf, which is obligatory in the conservative Islamic republic.

Hojabri, who had hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers at the time of her arrest, said in her confession that she made the videos for her followers, not to get attention or encourage similar behavior, according to a translation by the Guardian. "I only do gymnastics".

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It has played out in many ways for decades: Iranian musicians tapping into Western influences, for example, or Iranian women challenging authorities by pushing back their headscarves to nearly gravity-defying styles.

While little is known about the teen, her videos have been shared by hundreds of people since her arrest - with activists posting using the hashtag #dancing_isn't_a_crime. "People would laugh at you if you tell anyone in the world that [in Iran] they arrest 17-year-olds and 18-year-olds for dancing, being happy and being attractive, for spreading indecency, and instead pedophiles are free", a blogger tells the Guardian.

With mostly all voices were in support with Hojabri, it also brought back to light discussions on the Iranian authorities oppressing womens dress codes and behaviour in public, under the cover of religion or Islamic Sharia law. They are banned from appearing in public without headscarves, were told to wear a long tunic over their regular clothes and are restricted from soccer stadiums, a rule that was lifted briefly during this year's World Cup.

Six people were arrested in August after partaking in Zumba, an exercise that involves dancing, the BBC reported.

In 2014, six young Iranians were sentenced to a year in prison and 91 lashes for doing a jig to Pharrell Williams' song "Happy", on the streets and rooftops of Tehran.