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The brand new girls arrived at Casa Amor to get to know the existing boys, while the new lads headed for the main villa to greet the girls.

A flawless episode of television was on the cards, especially after it was revealed that Jack actually had a poster of Danny Dyer up on his bedroom wall back home, which, well, means things could have got extremely awkward after they inevitably win the £50,000 first prize and return home.

With the chance to clear the air, Ellie and Dani head off for a drink - but will Dani be happy with what she hears? As soon as I'm happy with someone, something happens to me.

'I think that realistically, without getting too full on - because it is just a reality show and a lot of people are having fun - but... a friend of mine passed recently, Sophie Gradon, and she did the show as well, and it really made me think that as much as fun as the show can be living on an island in sunshine, people need to make sure that people's minds are right, ' he said. "I ain't talking to her".

Jack was shocked when Dani revealed that her daddy dearest was Danny Dyer, although some fans quickly called him out, claiming that he already knew she had a famous father. He could have gone about things a little bit differently with me but he did apologise for that...

"That's what I had the hump about".

In Casa Amor, Jack confided he "loves" Dani. I was a bit down about it in that situation.

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But Dani is reluctant to go through with it, telling the others: "I don't want to do that".

In the Beach Hut, Jack panics: "I am absolutely itching to find out what Ellie has been saying about me because I'm guessing I was topic of conversation..."

Meanwhile, Jack is worrying about what Ellie could be saying to Dani about him.

Dani frets: "A challenge like that, the whole time I was tense".

ITV said the broadcast was up by 1.5 million viewers on the equivalent episode from last year's series.

Another fan said on Twitter: "Very unpleasant viewing tonight Love Island, the emotional turmoil you are putting Dani through was unacceptable and clearly has left lots of people anxious for her - I have reported to Ofcom really think you need to take your responsibilities much more seriously".

"Why would you do that to me?" "It made me worry a bit".