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These satellites to replace orbiting satellites of the previous generation.

Weather conditions in the area of the ship was too harsh: the wind was so strong that it blew the parachute with a canopy, and he again fell into the water. The crew on SpaceX's fairing recovery boat "Mr Steven", which was recently upgraded with a quadrupled-in-size catcher's net, was in visual range of the fairings as they fell in the Pacific Ocean, according to SpaceX's launch narrator. As per the latest tweet, the company mentioned it intentionally wanted to use the net sometime in July which signifies that it could be utilized for Wednesday's launch.

The nose cone, or fairing, rests on the top of the rocket, and it acts as a shield for the satellites during launch.

After the Falcon 9's nine first stage Merlin 1D engines ignited, their combined 1.7 million pounds (7,600 kilonewtons) of thrust propelled the vehicle off the pad to send its 15,600-pound (7,076-kilogram) payload skyward.

Two dead as residents flee growing Carr Fire in Redding area
The hamlet of French Gulch that dates to the Gold Rush era was evacuated after a vehicle problem ignited the blaze on Monday . But the fire changed direction and they were able to work another five hours to save valuable paintings and prints.

SpaceX will then attempt to land the rocket on a drone ship called "Just Read the Instructions,"according to the firm's statement". Sunday's flight marked the record-breaking heaviest payload brought into orbit by a Falcon 9 and the second block 5 flight. Choppy seas added to the challenge of landing the first stage back on Earth.

Forty-five seconds before liftoff, the SpaceX launch director verified the vehicle was "go" for launch. European satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space is the prime contractor for the satellites, working with Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems to integrate the satellites in Gilbert, Arizona.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. launched a batch of satellites for longtime customer Iridium Communications Inc. early Wednesday, marking the company's 14th mission of 2018.