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A teenager suffered second-degree burns from the Hot Water Challenge, another stupid internet craze that is going around on social media and claiming victims.

The Hot Water Challenge, which has been around for years, claimed a new victim in a 15-year-old teenager from Indiana. The challenge, known as the "Hot Water Challenge", left him so severely burned that he said his skin "just fell off" his chest and face. The Hot Water Challenge claimed one life past year when a child drank boiling water, and in a YouTube video by MedXclusive Learning, physicians claim they are seeing more injured patients in the ER because of risky social media challenges. "Then, I went and looked in a mirror, and I had skin falling off...my face", he said.

Kyland and his mother are now issuing a warning about how unsafe the challenge is.

In 2017, an eight-year-old Florida girl died months after she suffered injuries to her throat from taking the "challenge" and sipping boiling water.

He suffered second degree burns on his back, chest and face. He spent a week in the hospital, undergoing treatment. Her mother then called 911.

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'To see my baby, all burned up like that, it was heart breaking, ' Andrea told the station. Doctors say they're starting to see more of these so-called internet challenges land people in the emergency room.

"It's suggesting to people that they can try it and they won't be hurt, but they will be".

Dr. Ed Barkus told WXIN it's possible that people who do the challenge could end up with permanent disfigurement due to burns on the body or burns to the airway that could result in death. "Don't take it overboard", the 15-year-old said.

Kyland's doctors say he should heal from his injuries.

- YUTAONO (@OYsekaowa1D) July 28, 2018Kyland Clark Indiana teen hot water challenge gone wrong: extent of injuries. "My son could have died", Andrea Clark said.