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A USA service member was killed and two others wounded in what North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is calling "an apparent insider attack" in Afghanistan Saturday.

The last insider attack that resulted in a USA casualty occurred in June 2017, according to NATO Resolute Support officials. Additional information was not immediately available and the incident was under investigation. The statement and Afghan official, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation, said the attack occurred in Uruzgan province.

The identity of the service member who was killed will not be released until 24 hours after the next of kin has been notified, which is the policy of the U.S. Defense Department, NATO said in a statement.

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This is the third combat fatality in Afghanistan this year. A Pentagon report last month said there were 47 so-called "green-on-green" attacks, or incidents where Afghan soldiers turn on their own side, so far this year.

An insider attack would indicate one carried out by a member of the Afghan security forces.

Since U.S. involvement in Afghanistan began in October 2001, 1,876 U.S. military personnel have been killed in action and 20,385 have been wounded in action, as of May 31. The last insider attack that resulted in a United States casualty occurred two months earlier, in June of past year.