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The theory became so popular that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg had to debunk the myth during his appearance before Congress several months ago. However, the idea that software would watch your phone's screen and actions hasn't been as big of a deal - but that could be about to change, as one study of 17,260 apps revealed that a number of those were secretly recording user behavior and habits, and sending it on to other companies. Seems like not just our conversations, but our phone screens are also being recorded, if a study a group of science academics at Northeastern University in Boston is to be believed. These included those issued by Facebook's developers as well as some 8,000 other apps that have the capability to transmit information to their remote servers.

They suddenly noticed that the screenshots and videos that people have made in applications that were sent to third-party sites. "This can occur without needing any permissions from the user", the study reads.

The survey reviewed 17,260 Android apps to see what kind of media files were sent from those apps. On the bright side, the researchers "found no evidence" that apps are sneakily snooping in on your conversations. "Importantly, we find that third-party libraries record a video of a user's interaction with an app, including at times sensitive input fields, without any permissions or notification to the user". One app in particular sent quite a bit of information to an analytics company. Using 10 Android phones, the researchers used an automatic program to interact with each of these applications, and then analyzed the traffic generated. "We know some people are still using these apps and will be disappointed - and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support", Facebook stated. After the researchers contacted GoPuff, the company added disclosure of this policy to its privacy policy, and claimed that it removed the API from its latest builds. This study has played its role to introduce us to the current scenario of problems in user privacy and personal data.

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"We always appreciate the research community's hard work to help improve online privacy and security practices", a Google spokesperson told Gizmodo. The developers of GoPuff's app included a line code, or an SDK, that lets AppSee collect data from GoPuff.

The apps record your screen activities, and the same are being sent to third-party entities and Facebook for your personalized advertisements. Instead, they uncovered another sinister technique, which app companies are using to siphon off your data.

NU researchers Elleen Pan, Jingjing Ren, Martina Lindorfer, Christo Wilson and David Choffnes are planning to present their findings at the Privacy Enhancing Technology Symposium (PETS) in Barcelona in July.