Beijing has called on USA officials to be "cool headed", but fired back warning it would impose duties on an additional $60 billion in United States goods, a threat the White House dismissed as "weak".

BEIJING-China's imports surged in July as it moved to shore up its economy and prepared for a long-term trade battle with the U.S.

China's exports surged more than expected in July despite fresh U.S. duties and its closely watched surplus with the United States remained near record highs, as Washington finalised its new tariff list in a bitter dispute that some fear could derail global growth. After Liu visited Washington later that month, the nations released a joint statement pledging to reduce the us trade deficit with China, among other things. Washington has long criticised China's trade surplus with the United States and has demanded Beijing cut it.

Approximately $16 billion worth of Chinese imports will be subject to a 25 percent tariff come August 23, the US Trade Representative has announced, citing China's ongoing "unfair trade practices". However, analysts still expect a less favorable trade balance for China in coming months given it's early days in the tariff brawl.

In May, Chinese importers trying to beat Beijing's looming counter-tariffs led to a surge in U.S. exports of crude oil and soybeans, temporarily driving down the trade deficit and helping boost GDP growth in the April-June period to 4.1 percent.

The dispute has continued to escalate as the sides exchange threats, and Trump last week threatened to jack up the tariff rate on the next $200 billion in Chinese imports it plans to target to 25 percent, from the planned 10 percent.

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The government has responded by releasing more liquidity into the banking system, encouraging lending and promising a more "active" fiscal policy.

Chinese state media, reflecting the government's stance, has said China will not be cowed in the face of USA threats.

All China's main state newspapers published a lengthy commentary by the official Xinhua news agency, entitled "declaration", on their front pages. But it held off on a final $16 billion as a result of concerns raised by United States companies.

The new list covers products such as semiconductors, electronics, plastics, and railway equipment.

USTR said there were 279 new goods to be targeted in the dispute over China's policies promoting theft of American technology.

Some U.S. industries have expressed disappointment at Tuesday's decision.