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We've picked out five mobile phones that you should consider instead of Samsung's new behemoth, and the best-value deals on them that you can pick up right now.

Are you a techie who knows how to write? Can you get your hands on one soon?

We can expect Amazon and Flipkart to offer the device for pre-order as well.

Samsung, that maintained a comfortable lead in the second quarter this year with 20.9 per cent global market share, has now created flutters in Apples camp with unveiling its flagship Galaxy Note 9. Samsung's made just the right changes to the Note 9's retail box and honestly, these aren't even necessary. In terms of exterior functionality, the Galaxy Watch features some side-mounted buttons, as well as a rotatable bezel that allows for the cycling through of apps and menus.

This simple S Pen capability eliminates the need for camera timers that you need to keep running back to in order to check if it actually took the picture you wanted. That's just the base model, though. But what may have deterred buyers, its inexplicably small battery for a device of this size, has been rectified.

Its new watch faces, too, give it a modern edge, while its availability in two sizes will definitely help it appeal to more people. In a jab at Apple, Samsung executives also frequently emphasize that their phones have standard headphone jacks, which newer iPhones no longer do.

It will be released in Australian stores on October 4, with Samsung eyeing off a sales spike in the lead-up to Christmas, when wearable devices are typically popular.

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There's also a new dash feature that allows the player to quickly burst forward before slaughtering large groups of demons. For now, rest easy knowing you'll be able to slaughter plenty more demons in plenty more ways wherever you go.

Nutrition is also present with calorie tracking and personalised alerts.

Samsung Galaxy Home: What is it? Jokes aside, some of the commentors also brought up a good point about the. uh, the flashiness of the skin design: "I have a feeling that this skin is going to get a lot of players killed, considering how flashy it is".

The Galaxy Watch also comes with the trademark circular, rotating bezel while embracing the digital look with Always On Display, in addition to improved usability.

Samsung also offers their own financing, financing through carriers, and an option to pay in full.

It can even sync with your calendar so you can stay on top of your appointments and free time. In fact, Knox is so secure that recent Galaxy phones were approved for use by the U.S. Department of Defense to handle sensitive military data.

Pricing starts at $549 for the 42mm and $599 for the 46mm Bluetooth devices and $649 for the 42mm and $699 for the 46mm cellular devices.