KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The one that may be the most time-consuming is jumping through the flaming hoops, but as long as players consult a map to find all the flaming hoops, that particular challenge shouldn't be too hard either. This will prevent them from being able to use any Shield Potion or finding better weapons. All you have to do is build things with the regular materials you gather and each one will count towards your challenge progress.

Fortunately for players, the other challenges for Week 4 of Season 5 are considerably more simple and straightforward. Those who did purchase a Battle Pass will still see the same challenges with some bonus challenges for having the Pass. Some of the new challenges in this guide are eliminating the enemies in Dusty Divor, Damage Challenges, Flush Factory and exploring various areas. Some of them are easy to accomplish and some of them are quite hard. Keep in mind we can not directly confirm these are the correct challenges for the fifth week. By doing it this way, you can kill a player normally, and then once they are knocked, you can kill them with a sniper rifle. The trickiest part of this challenges it to locate a sniper rifle as these are not easy to find. The players have to find 7 chests in the Flush Factory. The vehicles have no official return, and Epic Games will announce when they do.

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Pistols are mostly used for close combats. Don't worry about winning, just focus on knocking out as many of these as you can!

The All Terrain Karts were implemented in Season 5, alongside the Rifts and the new locations on the Fortnite map. It should take a few tries, but this is a simple challenge to finish.