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"For the second consecutive month, the unemployment rate for Hispanics reached a record low", the statement added.

On Friday, China's Commerce Ministry said a new set of proposed import tariffs on $60 billion worth of United States goods are rational and restrained and warned that it reserves the right of further countermeasures in the intensifying trade war.

The U.S. economy added 157,000 jobs in July, below analyst expectations for 190,000 jobs to be added in the month, while the unemployment rate decreased month over month and wage growth met expectations. The jobless rate is projected to decline to 3.9 percent, near an 18-year low, from 4 percent. Transportation equipment had the largest gains in that sector, with 13,000 new jobs, followed by machinery with 6,000 jobs.

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that Americans at the bottom line of the USA economy are continuing to make large gains in employment.

Average hourly pay gains remained modest, increasing 2.7 percent from a year earlier, the same as the previous two months.

The relative consistency in jobs growth allows economist to turn their attention to wage growth, a key reading for policy makers looking to keep inflation to the Federal Reserve's 2% target. That's below the 215,000 average for the first seven months this year, but economists said the slip will likely prove temporary. Typically, when unemployment has fallen below 4 percent in the past, wages have increased at a faster pace.

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The government also revised hiring totals for May and June to show that another 59,000 jobs were added in those months.

"It appears to be that the strength of fiscal stimulus measures are outweighing any kind of effect of trade tensions", said Wright from iCIMS. That is the fewest in 11 years and means part-time workers are getting more hours.

The labor market has accelerated as the economy expands.

The somewhat disappointing result for the month obscures the very strong pace over the last three months, even as employers nationwide continue to complain about difficulty finding workers to fill open positions.

Hiring sizzled in July in business services, manufacturing and hospitality. About 37,000 were added in manufacturing, 34,000 in healthcare and 26,000 in food services. The solid rate of hiring reflects strong production, business confidence, and plans for expansion.

Among the unemployed, the number of people looking for work after losing or quitting their jobs fell by almost 290,000 to 1.8 million.