You might even believe moderate drinking is healthy-after all, it seems like every few months there's a new study in the news linking alcohol consumption to a healthier heart, longer lifespan and decreased risk of diseases like diabetes.

The comprehensive study, which analyzed information from millions of people in almost 200 countries, found that alcohol is tied to almost 3 million deaths globally each year, with about 1 in 10 deaths linked to alcohol use among people ages 15 to 49.

The researchers investigated levels of alcohol consumption and health effects in 195 countries between 1990 to 2016. At five drinks per day, the risk was 37% higher, the study says.

The medical research noted that while women may think that having one glass of wine isn't harmful - they are actually pouring themselves three measures. Speaking to the BBC, she said: "One drink a day does represent a small increased health risk, but adjust that to the United Kingdom population as a whole and it represents a far bigger number, and most people are not drinking just one drink a day".

He said the research showed the links between drinking alcohol and the risk of cancer, injuries and infectious diseases are greater than the protective effects of alcohol linked to heart disease in women.

In India in 2016, the prevalence of female drinkers was 4.1 per cent and deaths attributed to alcohol consumption among women was 0.71 per cent (42,000 deaths).

Some of the states put forward very prominently in the Guardian for example proclaim that 97.1% of men in Denmark drink alcohol compared with only 0.8% in Pakistan, while 95.3% of Danish women drink and only 0.3% of Bangladeshi women.

"With the largest collected evidence base to date, our study makes the relationship between health and alcohol clear - drinking causes substantial health loss, in myriad ways, all over the world", Max Griswold, lead author of the study and senior researcher at the University of Washington Medicine, said in a statement. According to the report, alcohol led to 2.8 million deaths in 2016.

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Imperial researchers are among a team of global scientists to suggest there is no safe level of alcohol - the health risks outweigh benefits. Thirty-nine percent are men, who drink an average of 1.7 drinks a day.

In this age group, the main causes of alcohol-related deaths were tuberculosis (1.4 percent), road injuries (1.2 percent) and self-harm (1.1 percent), the findings showed.

In their review, the authors found that the only protective effect of alcohol came with reducing the risk of ischemic heart disease. However, that study's big takeaway was that even one drink a day could shorten life expectancy; long-term reduction in alcohol use added one to two years to life expectancy at age 40.

A major global study has concluded there is no safe limit to alcohol consumption.

According to the scientists, the impact on overall health from alcohol consumption can be great.

However, since we don't want to totally ruin your weekend, it's worth pointing out that the risks of moderate drinking are fairly low.

The Canadian Centre for Substance Use and Addiction recommends people drink no more than two drinks a day, 10 per week for women and 15 per week for men.