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Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old accused of killing 17 students and teachers at a Florida high school, said he felt "worthless" and repeatedly indicated that he wanted to die, according to a newly-released transcript of what Cruz told police following the February 14 shooting.

The Associated Press and other Florida news media outlets had pressed for transcripts of the interrogation to be made public, before prosecutors released a heavily redacted 216 pages.

Cruz, 19, purportedly confessed to the mass killing that took the lives of 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Cruz, who described the voice as male and about his age, said it began after his father died about 15 years ago, but got worst when his mother died of pneumonia in November. Cruz said the voice would tell him to burn, kill and destroy.

Cruz told Curcio that he had tried to kill himself twice before the shootings, once by ingesting almost an entire bottle of Advil (which he said he later threw up) and another by drinking vodka and tequila (which purportedly made him pass out).

He said the voice told him the day before and that morning "to hurt people".

"People think you're a monster now", Zack Cruz said. He said he didn't know why he balked at doing it.

When he was left alone again in the interview room, Cruz told himself: "I want to die".

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When the officer asked if he had his rights read, Cruz shook his head no and told the Curcio, "I don't deserve it".

The suspect said he was in constant battle with "the voice". A recording also revealed that Cruz reportedly muttered "kill me" to himself following his arrest.

"Burn, kill, destroy what?" the detective asked.

"Do they really?" Cruz said. Authorities have yet to release details on why the former Marjory Stoneman student allegedly stormed into the school with an AR-15 and opened fire. Curcio asked. No, Cruz replied, saying the bullets embedded in the concrete. He said he bought the rifle because it was "cool looking".

At the end of the interrogation, the detective let Cruz's 18-year-old brother into the room.

"You don't have anything and you're not acting like yourself", said the brother. Like, come on. Why did you do this?

Runcie, who brought the PROMISE program, a social justice program aimed at eliminating the "school-to-prison pipeline", to Broward County, said the consultant's report largely reveals that the district's "systems are appropriate" and that his officials were intent on providing "an education and ongoing, changing behavioral care for Cruz throughout his time in the Broward school system".

"I'm sorry, dude", Nikolas Cruz replied.