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America, meet your new astronauts.

"The men and women we assign to these first flights are at the forefront of this exciting new time for human spaceflight", said Mark Geyer, director of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

"It's awesome to get to this point".

And astronauts will fly on Boeing's CST-100 Starliner sometime after that, in the middle of 2019. The Starliner is now set to launch in the middle of 2019.

Boe, Chris Ferguson and Nicole Mann will ride aboard Boeing's Starliner capsule, which will sit atop an Atlas V rocket.

Eric Boe is no stranger to NASA's Space Shuttle program. This will be Mann's first launch, having joined the astronaut corps in 2013.

"The first flight is something you dream about as a test pilot", said Hurley, who flew on the last shuttle mission.

Only seven astronauts in history have been the first to fly on a brand-new USA spacecraft. In addition to her Naval Academy successes, she earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University in 2001.

Christopher Ferguson understands not only NASA but also Boeing. He is a retired Navy captain, who piloted space shuttle Atlantis for STS-115, and commanded shuttle Endeavour on STS-126 and Atlantis for the final flight of the Space Shuttle Program, STS-135. "A small investment from the American taxpayer has paid dividends to the point now where space has transformed the lives of not only every American, but every person on the face of the planet in so many ways that people usually don't even recognize it".

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NASA has named the astronauts chosen to fly on commercial spacecraft made by Boeing and SpaceX to and from the International Space Station, the research laboratory that orbits around Earth. Ferguson is the veteran of three space shuttle missions.

The first Starliner post-certification mission, yet to be formally scheduled, will fly NASA astronauts Josh Cassada and Sunita Williams.

Sunita Williams is a United States Navy Officer and astronaut.

An artist's conception shows SpaceX's Crew Dragon spaceship docking with the International Space Station, plus a cargo-carrying version of the Dragon in the foreground. She served as a member of ISS Expedition 14 and Expedition 15. Therefore, it's essential that Crew Dragon and Starliner be ready for operational flights by the 2020 deadline. The 52-year-old is of Indo-Slovenian descent and was born in Ohio. It will be Glover's first time in space. SpaceX is targeting November for its inaugural Crew Dragon test flight, but Boeing won't launch its passenger spacecraft Starliner until late this year or early next.

Doug Hurley: Hurley came to NASA from the Marine Corps in 2000. Ever since the Space Shuttle Program ended, American astronauts have been paying for seats on Russia's Soyuz capsules to make it to the International Space Station where they live and work for a span of six months. He has flown to space twice before this, both on space shuttle missions.

Robert Behnken is from St. Ann, Missouri.

Eric Boe: Like many astronauts, Boe became an astronaut after a stint as an Air Force fighter pilot.

Other astronauts and astronaut candidates also added their congratulations.