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McIsaac added that, ultimately, lowering the minimum price of beer from $1.25 to $1 is pretty inconsequential.

The plan for buck-a-beer is being met with skepticism from some Toronto brewers who say they have other challenges to worry about.

What exactly is buck-a-beer?

"Here we have a premier that's cutting income to the very poorest amongst us as a priority and at the same time subsidizing buck a beer", she said, referring to the Tories' plan to cancel a basic income pilot project. "I'd be shocked if you saw a lot of breweries jump on this buck-a-beer thing".

Ford says the province will offer "non-financial incentives" to brewers who lower their prices in time for labour day weekend.

The lower price, which is limited to beer with an alcohol volume of less than 5.6 per cent, will take effect on August 27 and is expected to be reflected on store shelves on Labour Day weekend.

"We're going to do this smartly and responsibly".

"You couldn't be more tone deaf on this subject", Portelance wrote. The province used to allow beer to be sold for $1, but the Liberal government increased the minimum price in 2008, citing a mandate of "social responsibility".

Simmons said he's been speaking with his membership about Ford's idea to lower to price of beer for many weeks, and doesn't get a sense that they're concerned about it or interested in making changes.

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"The impact extends beyond the price of a beer".

Currently, one of the lowest priced beers from an independent Ontario brewery is Cool Beer's Stonewall Light which retails at $1.45 per 275 ml bottle.

"It's basically a discriminatory promotion, in that it's only going to be leveraged by brands that are sufficiently close to that price-point".

Taxes on alcohol sales in Canada have been steadily increasing for decades, with the most recent hike happening in April 2018 when the federal government raised taxes on local and imported beer by two per cent.

"Our cheapest beer costs us about $1.40 to make, and that's just pure cost to make the beer".

In reality, Saunders said, small brewers like his simply won't be able to afford selling beer for $1.

Soberman explained to Global News that not all brewers will take on the "challenge" - especially not companies with pricier products.

Scott Simmons, president of the Ontario Craft Beer Association, told CBC Radio's All In A Day that craft beer has been the fastest growing category of beer in the province for a number of years.