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In the Astronomical League guidebook "Observe Meteors", astronomers David Levy and Stephen Edberg wrote, "We have seen Perseids coming in such rapid succession that counting and recording were hard, followed by slack periods with little activity". This year it will be at its peak on the evenings of August 11 and 12. This year is an excellent one for the Perseids, because they will reach their maximum on a new moon weekend; without any bright moonlight, skywatchers will be able to see many fainter streaks.

However, many more photographs will come this weekend when the Perseid meteor shower peaks. Cooke said he's included to lean toward the second night, Sunday going into Monday for the peak viewing.

Around this time every year, Earth ventures into the wake of an ancient comet called Swift-Tuttle, which leaves behind trillions of particles. When the pieces of debris heat up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere. But anytime after 10 p.m. on August 12 should be fine.

Skies will be clear enough both of the nights this weekend to see them. If you're out looking for meteors in the city, it's worth finding the darkest spot you can, far from streetlights, and getting your eyes used to the dark for a half hour or so.

Meteor showers are named after the constellation of stars the meteors radiate from.

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People can also bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch the meteor shower from the grassy area around the observatory.

The meteor shower is touted as the most prolific of the year, as between 50 and 60 meteors per hour will light up the sky.

The meteors can be traced to the Perseus constellation, from which they get their name, which will climb in the northeastern sky as the evening passes.

-If you plan on capturing them on camera, don't forget to lower the shutter speed!