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The total eclipse will last 1 hour and 43 minutes.

During this total eclipse, the Moon - earth's natural satellite - will turn striking shade of red. Coincidentally, Mars was also at its brightest, putting two bright red objects in the sky.

This full moon in July was also known as the Full Buck Moon and the Thunder Moon, occurring when a male deer's antlers are in full growth and at a time of frequent thunderstorms, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Although no longer directly illuminated by the Sun, the moon still catches light filtered and bent by the Earth's atmosphere.

Because blue and violet wavelengths are scattered more than red and orange ones, more of the red wavelengths reach the moon, making the moon appear red.

Today's lunar eclipse will be most visible for many parts of Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and the Indian Ocean region if the weather cooperates. "It's called a blood moon because the light from the sun goes through the Earth's atmosphere on its way to the moon and the Earth's atmosphere turns it red in the same way that when the sun goes down, it goes red". Skywatchers around much of the world are looking forward to a complete lunar eclipse that will be the longest this century, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The next lunar eclipse will take place in January of next year and will last 1 hour and 2 minutes. Viewers in central Asia will see the moon pass into Earth's shadow at 10:44 p.m. local time and can expect the eclipse to peak at around midnight.

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In the United Kingdom lots of places were very cloudy, making the blood moon very hard to see.

Also, those in the United Kingdom will miss a section of the eclipse due to the moon being below our horizon when it starts, which gives south-eastern observers a slightly better advantage than the north-western ones. But you might be able to get a good view of Mars.

Unlike with solar eclipses, no special equipment is needed to observe lunar eclipses.

This celestial spectacle marks the midpoint of the summer 2018 eclipse season. At that time, it came within 34.6 million miles of earth, marking its closest approach in 60,000 years.

Unfortunately, those living in North America are going to miss the phenomena.