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Twitter will not be among the social media platforms blocking conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, according to CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey noted his fear of Twitter slipping into censorship, and noted that Jones has yet to violate Twitter's terms.

Ultimately the best solution for countering objections to the likes of Infowars - or anyone who "offends" - is for the larger social media community (all users) to append their responses and refutations to tweets (or Facebook posts, or YouTube videos) that they don't like or agree with. "Truth is we've been awful at explaining our decisions in the past".

It also said Twitter does not typically suspend people or take other enforcement action for behavior before a rule change.

On Aug. 9, Harvey published an email to employees saying the company had "a number of conversations with staff about Alex Jones" and chose to accelerate plans to review a new policy against "dehumanizing speech" to "help customers feel safe as it relates to hate speech".

On August 5, Apple pulled five of six Infowars podcasts from iTunes and its podcast apps.

Dorsey explained Tuesday why Twitter has yet to follow Facebook, Google and Apple's lead by banning Jones: "he hasn't violated our rules". Both sites had already temporarily limited his publishing power, and Spotify showed itself ready to act against Jones when it removed some of his podcasts last week.

On Thursday, after CNN made another request for comment, Twitter said it would review the content. Dorsey also said that journalists should "document, validate, and refute" the falsities and "sensationalized issues" that accounts like Jones' peddle. "Period", Dorsey said on the call with Hannity, reiterating much of what he's publicly said in the past on the topic.

"On Amazon, @MorningTech found 9 Alex Jones movies available for streaming on Prime".

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Several users on Twitter pointed out the seeming inconsistency of Twitter's policies. But Darcy appears to be pointing to what he sees as an inconsistency in Twitter's behavior.

Jones, known for his hot-headed outbursts, faces a defamation suit by parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting, some of whom he accused of being "crisis actors". Kruse wrote on Twitter. As is, a lot of users are calling Jack out for his feckless insincerity. This marks a contrast with the approach of Facebook, which has rolled out a set of fact-checking initiatives, including the use of machine-learning tools to prevent the spread of debunked stories.

"We haven't done a great job of communicating our principles, the guidelines that help us make the decisions in the first place", Dorsey said of banning and suspending accounts.

Arthur Goldstuck MD at World Wide Worx says Twitter needs to understand that it has a responsibility to stop this kind of publications.

"I think there's always boundaries to that", he said.

Jones has displayed such behavior, though.

Another deleted video targeted transgender Americans.