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As such, various liberal and conservative commentators called out Eric Trump for his comments in that interview.

The 750,000-plus copies sold combines sales of print copies, ebooks and audiobooks, according to a statement by Simon & Schuster, The Hill reports.

Investigative reporter Bob Woodward's new book is flying off the shelves.

"The contemptuous words about the President attributed to me in Woodward's book were never uttered by me or in my presence", Mattis explained. "I'm getting it done", the book claims.

"If you one of your sources, who you have taped, comes forward and publicly asks you to release those tapes, would you do so?" asked Hewitt.

Bob Woodward says key people in the White House say they spend a third of their time preventing bad things from happening.

FEMA warns about hurricane as D.C
The news comes just hours before Hurricane Florence is expected to hit the coast of the Carolinas . US government watchdogs have also chastised Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke over his spending.

"In serving in this administration, the idea that I would show contempt for the elected Commander-in-Chief, President Trump, or tolerate disrespect to the office of the President from within our Department of Defense, is a product of someone's rich imagination", he added. In 2004, Bill Clinton's memoir "My Life" sold more than 1 million copies within eight days. "And to use invective and this attack rhetoric, or whatever it might be, it sets us back", said Woodward to Cooper.

"Misfortune" has dominated political headlines since reviews about it emerged closing week. "CNN will definitely have you on there because they love to trash the president", Eric Trump said.

"I mean, is that really where we are?"

Eric Trump on Wednesday bashed Bob Woodward's new book on the Trump administration. Donald Trump himself has repeatedly lashed out at Woodward as well.

Woodward, who helped uncover the Watergate scandal and serves as an associate editor at The Washington Post, backed up his anonymous sourcing by saying he conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with witnesses inside the White House, as well as meeting notes, personal diaries and government documents. Woodward is an American from IL who is best known for helping to uncover the Watergate scandal that ended Richard Nixon's presidency.