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He grilled Kavanaugh, an appellate court judge for 12 years, about abortion rights, gun control and the Affordable Care Act.

Shrieking protesters also disrupted the hearing. Ted Cruz, who is fighting for his own re-election in Texas, apologized to Kavanaugh for the spectacle he said had less to do about the judge's legal record than Trump in the White House.

"You'll never have a nominee who's ruled for a more unpopular defendant", Kavanaugh said.

The controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh and his nomination to the Supreme Court - and the reason why Perabo and others were protesting - stems from the Trump Administration's lack of disclosure as to Kavanaugh's record in the White House.

Sixty-six people were charged with disorderly conduct, and six were charged with "crowding, obstructing or incommoding", a statement obtained by Fox News, read.

"I want to begin by talking about the elephant in the room, non-theoretical", Blumenthal said.

But one of the protesters took exception to Grassley's assertion, since, she said, she was calling out Democratic leaders such as Sen.

Kavanaugh also said he was unaware of the domestic violence allegations against Rob Porter, who was President Donald Trump's staff secretary.

Tillis said, "We have had almost every member in the minority on this committee either publicly state or participate in a press conference that they were going to vote against Judge Kavanaugh, with majority announcing it within the first 24 hours".

Hillary Clinton tweeted that the federal court judge may be changing his tune on the 1973 decision legalizing abortion nationwide.

Senior Democrat Dianne Feinstein asked if he thought a sitting president could be "required to respond to a subpoena".

Harris' question appeared to puzzle the Supreme Court nominee, who paused for long periods before asking the California senator if she wanted to know whether he spoke with a specific person at the firm.

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Kavanaugh also said in response to pointed questions by Democratic Sen.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, asked whether a president could be criminally investigated or indicted.

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh portrayed himself Wednesday as an independent judge, one who would not be "swayed by political or public pressure" in deciding controversial cases.

But in 2009, Kavanaugh wrote a law review article saying presidents should be free from the distractions of civil lawsuits, criminal prosecutions and investigations while in office. "But what we need to understand is that his view of precedent and the law and the Constitution has a lot to do with his personal beliefs".

The 53-year-old appellate court judge, hoping to fill the vacant seat on the nine-member high court, told lawmakers he has not hesitated to make unpopular rulings in the past, citing his opinion in a case releasing Osama bin Laden's former chauffeur, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, from detention at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The 53-year-old Kavanaugh, no stranger to Washington politics, sat stone-faced throughout. The ruling was later overturned and she had the abortion.

Kavanaugh has taken a different tone during his confirmation hearings, stressing how hard it is to overturn a precedent such as Roe.

Democrats repeatedly broke into Grassley's opening remarks to demand a halt in order to be allowed time to study the 42,000 pages released by the White House just 15 hours before the start of the hearing.

Kavanaugh said his earlier testimony was "100 percent accurate".

Republicans will hold a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate once Jon Kyl, the former Arizona senator, is sworn in to fill the seat held by the late Sen.

In his first day of answering questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee at his confirmation hearings, Kavanaugh said that independence without prejudging cases is the "first quality of a good judge". John McCain of Arizona.

"The Democrats are focused on procedural issues because they don't have substantive points strong enough to derail this nomination", said Sen. He is up for re-election this fall. Independent Sen. Angus King of ME also stopped in for part of the session.