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The smartwatch is powered by Apple's A4 chipset and is two times faster than Watch 3.

How does the watch know you've fallen and not just flopped down on the bed or chucked your Apple Watch on the desk?

The crown is now haptic, and it's got a really nice click to it as you spin - it gives a really lovely feel as you're using it to go through the Watch 4 and feels far more like a mechanical device. The Apple Watch 4 is $399 and $499 with Global Positioning System as starting prices.

Series 4 packs a new optical heart sensor.

As expected, Apple is releasing a larger size iPhone which takes the features and capabilities of last year's iPhone X and puts them in a bigger device.

Notification when heart rate is too low. Apple had to obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration so the watch can alert people when they're experiencing atrial fibrillation, or irregular heart rhythm. It is the first ECG product available to consumers over the counter, said Apple's chief operating officer Jeff Williams during the presentation. It takes about 30 seconds for the watch to measure your heartbeat patterns.

Apple says that all recordings, their associated classifications and any noted symptoms are stored in the mobile Health app in a PDF that can be shared with doctors. And, in case the ease of use isn't enough, the ECG app has been granted clearance by the FDA - the first device of its kind to receive such a distinction. The speaker is also 50-percent louder, which is a very welcomed change in my book.

The Apple 2018 iPhone Event Live Blog (Starts at 1pm ET)
Fans of Apple may also remember that the company promised a wireless charging pad, the AirPower, a year ago. While we know a lot about Apple's new iPhones we still have no idea what the pricing will be.

"Radio waves can now pass through both the front and the back of Series 4, improving cellular reception", added Williams.

Apple has made the screen bigger, pushing the glass display right to the edge, giving a 30 per cent larger display while the body of the watch is actually thinner that the series 3 Apple Watch.

New watch faces, including one with up to eight customisable complications, or special features. Each one can be completely customized so you can focus on productivity, friends or health.

Saying that, many apps used a black background already so it was quite hard to see the border, but with the larger screen you can see so much more information. You can glance at your fitness progress, calendar or flight plans. New motion faces like Vapor, Liquid Metal, Fire and Water faces react to the curve of the screen.

Series 4 contains a tiny new S4 chip. The accelerometer and gyroscope power all-day activity tracking and are also capable of identifying health strokes. When the Watch thinks it's detected a fall, it'll pop up a prompt to trigger Emergency SOS, a feature that places a call to 911, messages emergency contacts, broadcasts your current location, and shows a pre-configured Medical ID to first responders.

To be extra clear, the Apple Watch Series 4 is created to work with any existing wristbands.