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At long last, the Tor Project is releasing an official web browser for Android users. In this sense, the development team declares that these users are not exempt from online censorship and monitoring, so past year they thought about how to better support them.

"Tor aims to make all users look the same, making it hard for you to be fingerprinted based on your browser and device information", the company said.

Now in alpha - so expect there to be a few issues - this is the only mobile Tor browser that's supported by the Tor Project, and the developers promise that it will block trackers, protect against surveillance and ensure privacy. Unlike a traditional Web browser, Tor Browser by default blocks your identity while browsing the Web.

The main reason behind coming up with this browser is to make it the only way to connect to Tor network.

Note that you need to configure Orbot so that Tor Browser for Android uses it as the proxy on the system.

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If we had to venture an educated guess, their should be one standard RGB lens, then a monochrome one, like the Nokia 8 featured. The image has revealed seven cutouts placed in a hexagon shape and among them, we can spot five Zeiss-branded sensors.

The Tor Project is now calling on its dedicated fanbase to help test the Android version. The Tor Browser uses a set of decentralized relays for hiding the internet footprint of users making it next to impossible for ads, location trackers and law enforcement agencies to track you on the web. Also, it comes with NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere extensions. But you need to separately install the Orbot app on your device to leverage the Tor network.

But there is a good news for the Tor network users.

Firefox ESR 60 and, consequently Tor Browser 8, features these improvements. There is a Homepage that by default includes top sites such as Facebook and Wikipedia and comes with a Highlights section that is created to show articles, videos, and webpages that you've visited received or bookmarked on the browser.

You can get the Tor Browser from the Play Store or on APK Mirror.