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Woodward writes in his book, "It was clear that Trump did not understand the way the US government debt cycle balance sheet worked". "It's part of the life cycle of every American presidency", he said. "But at the same time I'm letting them do what they feel is best". Ghost soldiers - those paid but not serving - are ripping us off. North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is a disaster and a waste, he said.

Mr. Modi's alleged desire to be hosted at Camp David comes into discussion in the book in the context of former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster's hot temper.

I like him very much", Trump is quoted as saying in Woodward's book "Fear: "Trump in the White House" The book has stirred a fresh row over its description of Trump as chaotic, mercurial and uninformed. Why, Colbert wants to know, did Woodward choose to start the book with people sneaking documents off the president's desk, and end with this scene?

Woodward said that in the Central Intelligence Agency, agents are taught to "let the silence suck out the truth". "I would say 'Okay, name me who was there. Even his chief of staff, General [John] Kelly, did not know that this meeting was going to take place or that this was a decided new policy".

On Twitter, Trump called the book "a scam" and labelled Woodward "a liar".

Woodward also claimed Mattis said that Trump's intelligence was that of "a fifth- or sixth-grader".

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"Are they lying?" Guthrie asked Woodward.

The book portrays President Donald Trump as erratic and impetuous, and surrounded by a staff trying to restrain him from his worst instincts.

The tome is the product of hundreds of hours of interviews with sources close to the president, although Trump himself was not quoted as Woodward was unable to nail him down for an interview, despite repeated attempts.

Woodward's book is now available through third-party sellers on Amazon but displays a shipping estimate of "one to three weeks", implying a serious shortage of copies.

Bob Woodward (R) and the late Ben Bradlee, a former Washington Post executive editor, posing for a photo during a tour of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in April 2011. Also, Woodward steers clear of Trump's controversial decision to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem, thanks in part to the efforts of his ardently pro-Israel son-in-law Jared Kushner.

But can he say whether his current work will play a similar role in Trump's political future? "I'll write the real book!" While he said the book contained "inaccuracies", as Axios reports, he wasn't specific about what the book supposedly got wrong.