KXIP vs KKR Live Score

UL independently confirmed that Huawei devices were engaging in this benchmark inflation by testing the P20 Pro, Nova 3, and Honor Play phones using its publicly-available 3DMark binary and an internal version that is not released to the public or OEMs.

However the way Huawei coded the phones is not allowed by the benchmarking software, and when UL ran its own version of 3DMark-which Huawei's phones could not identify-the phones performed significantly worse.

"Others do the same testing, get high scores and Huawei can not stay silent", Wang said. Because different scenarios have different resource needs, the latest Huawei handsets leverage innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence to optimize resource allocation in a way so that the hardware can demonstrate its capabilities to the fullest extent, while fulfilling user demands across all scenarios.

Huawei was found guilty of cheating its way to through benchmarks to output better scores in single and multi-core tests. The Shenzen based Chinese brand offers promising smartphones with camera performance being the major highlight of Huawei's flagship devices.

What just happened? Once again, a phone manufacturer has been caught using questionable (i.e., cheating) means to improve benchmark scores.

The peaks are seen during the known benchmark apps' test and the subsequent troughs for the unknown, unlabeled benchmark apps, were blamed on Al by Huawei, saying that Al was the one that decided for those peaks.

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Modified benchmarks can be considered as a fake representation of a smartphone's actual performance.

UL say that "Delisted devices appear unranked, and without scores, at the bottom of our popular list of the best smartphones".

That detection and boosting behavior breaks the benchmarking rules UL sets for manufacturers. They do, however, provide information about the smartphone's performance during heavy stress. Huawei did this to boast the powerful performance of Huawei smartphones and impress the customers.

In a statement to Android Authority, Huawei said its phones are created to adjust their performance based on the app that's running.

What IS clear is that Huawei will enable users "open access to "Performance Mode" in EMUI 9.0 "so that the user can choose when to use the maximum power of their device".

This isn't the first time a major vendor like Huawei has been caught out over benchmark boosting.