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The U.S. military said Wednesday that two Russian nuclear-capable bombers escorted by two fighter jets flew near Alaska on september 11 before being intercepted by a pair of Air Force F-22 stealth fighter jets, according to a statement by the North American Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD is a binational command focused on the defense of both the US and Canada, the response to potential aerospace threats does not distinguish between the two nations, and draws on forces from both countries.

A previous interception of bombers occurring on September 1 involved bombers without any Russian fighter jet escorts, CNN noted.

The Russian TU-95 bombers, which were accompanied by two Russian fighter jet escorts, turned away before entering US airspace, according to the statement, which was obtained by CNN.

This air defense zone - known as an ADIZ - was declared unilaterally by the USA after World War II and is not binding under any worldwide treaty.

According to a statement from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the two Tu-95 Bear bombers were escorted by two Su-35 Flanker fighters.

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The ADIZ was created by the United States after World War II as a watch zone and extends approximately 200 miles into the ocean in what is technically global airspace.

The Russian aircraft did not violate the borders of the U.S. and Canada.

"Homeland defense is NORAD's top priority", NORAD's statement said after Tuesday's interception.

Defense officials told Fox that two Russian bombers came within 55 miles of Alaska's west coast in May, although the aircraft did not enter United States airspace, as was the case in the other reported incidents.

Under its rules, the US requests any foreign aircraft to identify itself and its flight plan when entering the air defense zone.

It is unclear if the aircraft in the video are the same ones that were intercepted near Alaska.