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"Our forces will demonstrate the capability to deploy rapidly, assault a target with integrated air and ground forces and conduct rapid exfiltration", said CENTCOM's chief spokesman Capt. William Urban.

Al-Tanf is a military base located 24km to the west from the al-Tanf border crossing between Syria and Iraq in Homs Governorate.

"We are advised to keep them away from the base, said CNN Pentagon spokesman".

The base is used by USA special forces to train Syrian fighters who are confronting Islamic State militants.

The United States does not seek to engage in battle with the Syrian government and those who supports him.

The war drills involved aerial assaults, including a "live fire rehearsal before departing the 55-kilometer de-confliction zone around the Coalition's At Tanf Garrison", according to U.S. Central Command. In turn, the U.S. used the deconfliction line to tell the Russians the ongoing U.S. military activity is an exercise.

"There is no terrorist camp within the At Tanf de-confliction zone, which runs in a 55k diameter around the Coalition's At Tanf Garrison", a spokesman for the US coalition replied. But U.S. officials have maintained the communications line did not fail in that instance because the incident did not involve Russian government forces.

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The exercise comes after Russian Federation reportedly warned the United States that it and its Syrian regime allies are prepared to launch an attack near the base.

U.S. Command has rejected Russia's plans to strike purported terrorists there, saying it doesn't want to fight but "will not hesitate" to use force to defend U.S. or allied forces. Russian warplanes have already begun preparing the battlefield with intense airstrikes against rebel positions in Idlib despite warnings from the United States, United Nations, and Turkey about the danger of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Such an attack might prompt the U.S.to respond with punishing reprisals using similar weapons, especially if a Russian attack caused casualties to the USA or its allies, officials said.

"In case the armed terrorist groups refuse to lay down weapons, refuse to leave Syrian territory to go back to where they came from, the Syrian government is prepared", Jaafari said.

Yesterday, September 6, the US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against allies of President Bashar al-Assad amid threats of attacks on the province of Idlib.

Al Tanf is home to a U.S military outpost where USA forces train local anti-ISIS partners.

An attack in February by Russian mercenaries on another USA base in eastern Syria was repulsed by US airstrikes and artillery barrages, resulting in dozens of Russian casualties.