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October's Full Moon also goes by the name "Hunter's Moon". It is also known as blood moon due to the orange-red tinge of the moon.

The full moon appeared on Wednesday night and lit up the night sky with its incredible brilliance.

The best spots to view the harvest moon would be a park or another spot outside of the city area such as Porteau Cove. During October, deer were tracked and killed by hunters by autumn moonlight, in order to store food for the coming winter.

'Since the harvesters have reaped the fields, hunters can easily see the animals that have come out to glean (and the foxes that have come out to prey on them)'.

The moon will continue to put on a show in the sky for a few days.

Phases of the moon are caused by the changing angle of the sun as the moon orbits the Earth.

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It is common knowledge that the sun illuminates half the moon. For example, in southeastern Asia, October is usually known as the end of monsoon season, so that influenced the nickname for the month's full moon. The Moon resides in the northern part of the constellation Cetus.

Other names include the travel moon, dying grass moon, blood moon, or sanguine moon.

Getting your hands on a piece of the Moon is pretty darn hard for most of us.

Greg Bishop wrote on October 24, 2018: "As the Hunter's Moon first came into view, I walked down my street looking for interesting views".

Waning gibbous: More than half of the moon's face is illuminated but darkness is growing.

Some years, the Mourning Moon is in November, while other years, it is in December.