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Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max charging issue is fixed with the new iOS 12.0.1 update.

There's now no word on whether iOS 12.0.1 fixes the bug that caused mediocre LTE speeds on iPhone XS devices, as it wasn't listed in Apple's release notes.

The bug seemed to impact iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models, though not all 2018 handsets were affected.

If you bought a new iPhone this spring, we have some good news to share: Apple pushed out an update to all users today that fixes two of the more frustrating issues that have plagued iPhone XS and XS Max owners. This also solves other issues related to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. A bug was causing some of these models to hook up with a slower 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network instead of a faster 5GHz signal. Since a full restore fixed the LTE and Wi-Fi bugs, it seems plausible that iOS 12.0.1 does as well.

Google Plus is shutting down after data breach compromises 500k accounts
For Google , a data privacy reckoning may finally come as a result of a service that it admits nearly no one uses much anymore. What's probably more interesting to most users is that the advertising giant opted to not disclose the issue.

Apple iPad users will notice that the "123" number key on the tablet's virtual QWERTY keyboard is back at its pre-iOS 12 location.

Apple is also using iOS 12.1 to unlock the new Depth Control feature that allows a user to change the depth-of-field on an image before it has actually been taken.

The update is only around 100MB and is now available to download on all compatible devices.

To grab the latest updates, head to your devices settings menu, tap General, and then select Software Update.