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"We have that from Theresa May, I think there are others who would struggle to provide that type of leadership", Gauke said. The passage where she revealed her goddaughter (whom she has never mentioned publicly before) had contracted cancer and died past year was genuinely moving.

"Compare Jeremy Corbyn's behaviour to that of his predecessors", she said.

In a speech that will do little to temper talk that Johnson, who quit over May's Brexit plan, is launching a bid to replace her, he urged the party against trying to "ape" the policies of the main opposition Labour Party.

The Conservative Party crowd roared and cheered.

A more risky alternative was her claim that British resilience could withstand a "no-deal" Brexit, even though initially the country will face economic difficulties, as a result of protectionist measures and checks at the border.

After an awkward dance episode during her visit to Kenya in August had made the wrong kind of headlines, May chose to dance up to the podium to the beats of one of the Swedish band's most enduring songs in an attempt to set a lighter tone to her much-anticipated speech.

She argues that her plan is the only way to avoid customs checks along the now invisible border between the U.K.'s Northern Ireland and European Union member Ireland - a development that would be troublesome for residents and businesses on both sides, and could undermine Northern Ireland's peace process.

"If you look at such a mild-mannered guy as our present foreign secretary, to have said the kind of thing he said about the EU being like the Soviet Union, it is completely geared towards this very small thing called the Conservative Party membership".

"Despite the United Kingdom government's rejection of the original EU backstop proposal, we will not give up seeking a workable solution that fully respects the Good Friday Agreement as well as the integrity of the Single Market and the customs union".

Chemistry Nobel for using evolution to create new proteins
Douglas Kell, a professor of bioanalytical science at the University of Manchester, says the prize is "fantastic news". On Monday, the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet gave this year's medicine award to cancer researchers James P.

"That is the only deal that is on the table", she told the Peston show.

"Even if we do not all agree on every part of this proposal", May added, "we need to come together".

Speculation is growing that London may accept some checks on goods passing between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain, in place of those on the land border. The same message was applied to several themes, which she touched upon - standing up against "Corbyn's party", defending Great Britain's national interests at home and overseas, and the country's economic recovery and prosperous future.

"But according to the Daily Telegraph, Mrs May is under pressure to set a timetable for his departure", some members of his cabinet in the hope that she resigns as soon as the Brexit consumed.

She said: "Their latest plan is to hold a second referendum". The Prime Minister seems incapable of doing this. "The last time this country built homes at that scale the scale we need now was in the 1970s when councils built more than 40 percent of them".

Mrs May also announced that fuel duty would be frozen ahead of the Chancellor's budget later this month. It is of Anglo-Saxon derivation. The less domestic and foreign producers believe in the prosperous development of the country, the less they are willing to invest in it. It ends in the letter k.

"All it does is artificially boost the ability of companies to go on a borrowing spree to buy back their own shares and... reporting never-ending rising profits at the same time of never-rising wages is feeding the core of why many normal human beings are pretty cheesed off with life".

She also cautioned that there would be "clear trade-offs to be made" to balance additional spending on services, either in the form of restricting services or tax rises to pay for them.