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Likewise previous Pixel 2 devices, the new generation Pixel 3 and 3 XL will feature a single camera module at the back, which could be a 12.2MP sensor.

Chinese tech media (including Engadget Chinese's Richard Lai) have been circling around WahPhone Digital in the Hong Kong neighborhood of Sham Shui Po to have their hands on a fully-boxed Google Pixel 3 XL, just days before its October 9th announcement in NY.

But Google tweeted a video on Monday implying that maybe we don't know everything about the device.

Much has already been leaked so far about the next-generation Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones. Based on rumours and leaks, the Pixel 3 will reportedly feature a 5.4-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, whereas the Pixel 3 XL is said to sport a ginormous notch-toting 6.71-inch display. In light of this, in 2016, Google launched its own smartphone with Pixel, a device that, like Apple, integrates user equipment with Google's user software. This Edge Sense enables you to squeeze the sides of to access Google Assistant. On the inside, the phones will be identical in terms of hardware and performance. Although the Google Pixel 3-series is expected to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip, it would be the Android 9.0 Pie customised for Google Pixel that would be the key differentiating factor. Visually, the Pixel 3 XL device will be slightly bigger than the Pixel 3, however, the two devices will be same in terms of functionality and specifications. They're also expected to feature a second front-facing camera for wider selfie angles - though some theorizing that it might be for an upgraded portrait feature or some type of Face ID-esque facial recognition.

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Lots of people are now making fun of Google for this massive leak.

Google is also expected to release a wireless charging stand for the new phones. This year, Google is planning to rename its Chrome OS tablet device as Google Pixel Slate. There's also speculation around it having 16GB of RAM and an Intel i7 processor. The tablet also comes with a stylus, which will be a refreshed version of the Pixelbook Pen.

Google Pixel Slate Chromebook, codenamed Nocturne, is nothing else than the 2018 remake of the Pixelbook, the Google tablet PC. Anything is possible from Google's wacky hardware labs.