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An evacuee and his son stand near his tent after Friday prayers outside a damaged mosque caused by the massive natural disaster and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Oct. 5, 2018.

He said on local television that survivors in the Petobo, Balaroa and Jono Oge neighborhoods could be relocated and monuments be built in the areas, which now look like wastelands, to remember the victims interred there.

His wife and two daughters have swept away in the tsunami that hit Palu's seafront after the quake.

PALU, Indonesia- Rescuers picking through the grim aftermath of Indonesia's quake-tsunami issued a fresh public health warning Saturday as more decaying corpses were unearthed from beneath the ruined city of Palu.

There are fears that vast numbers of decomposing bodies could be buried beneath Petobo and Balaroa - two areas virtually wiped off the map - and authorities have warned survivors to steer clear as they brace for more macabre discoveries.

The government shunned foreign aid this year when earthquakes struck the island of Lombok but it accepted help from overseas for Sulawesi.

"If there are bodies in the spaces, we'll extract them".

Indonesia sits along the Pacific "Ring of Fire", the world's most tectonically active region, and its 260 million people are vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

Air Loadmaster Sergeant Daniel Swanson and Indonesian soldiers help offload supplies flown into Palu on an RNZAF Hercules.

The aid is part of a $3.6 million relief commitment, including more than 50 medical professionals, that Australia made on Wednesday.

Agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said many more people could be buried, especially in the Palu neighborhoods of Petobo and Balaroa, where more than 3,000 homes were damaged or sucked into deep mud when the September 28 quake caused loose soil to liquefy. Two people from his congregation were missing, he said.

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The number of people taking shelter in makeshift tents stand at 62,369 now, the spokesperson said.

Palu residents being evacuated from the city on board an RNZAF Hercules.

National police spokesman Brigadier General Dedi Prasetyo said security will be ramped up to ensure law and order after 92 people were arrested for looting goods such as motor oil, tyres and farming equipment.

The tens of thousands left homeless by the disaster are scattered across Palu and beyond.

62,000 people remain displaced as aid donations slowly reach those impacted by the disaster.

Evacuees had queued to get on to the Hercules C-130, many carrying backpacks and bags, and said they had lost homes and relatives, a New Zealand Defence Force statement said.

An airport damaged by the natural disaster in central Indonesia is expected to re-open to civilian traffic later Thursday. "It would be a miracle to actually find someone still alive", Muhammad Syaugi, the head of Indonesia's search and rescue agency said yesterday. Taiwan's Tzu Chi Foundation sent a 10-person team consisting of doctors and nurses from Jakarta with more to arrive later.

CPL Laura Kjestrup helps a family as they arrive at Balikpapan airport.

Among those leaving are a group of students attending an Islamic competition in the Sumatran city of Medan. The archipelago sees frequent earthquakes and occasional tsunamis.

Residents whose homes had been destroyed had little but uncertainty on the seventh day since the disasters. Figures for more remote areas are trickling in but they seem to have suffered fewer deaths than the city. The death toll has topped 1500.