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"Employees and direct customers are becoming increasingly aware that some insurers and employers go that extra mile to build in added-value services, such as mental health support, within their policies".

Library will celebrate World Mental Health Day 2018 and promote awareness of mental health issues on Wednesday, October 10.

He said it was also fundamental to the overall health and for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage. Planned activities include more than 80 complimentary consultations for the public in the DHCC free zone and a collaboration with academic institution Amity University Dubai.

World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October every year to raise global awareness of mental health issues and to stimulate advocacy.

"Mental health is something that fluctuates throughout a lifetime and with more support it makes people more functional".

"I've had my struggles with mental health before and I have friends who have", said Carson Rohder, freshman in LAS.

"The more we talk about it, just like we did with breast cancer, the more normal it becomes and the more normal it becomes, the more people will come forward and speak about it", she said.

"It's these people who need to be at the heart of what we do and I welcome this opportunity to work closely with them, as well as experts, to oversee a cross-Government suicide prevention plan, making their sure their views are always heard".

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The research found a further 43% said they had considered leaving a job due to stress or mental health issues.

At present mental health problems account for 23% of the burden of disease in the UK.

Around 4,500 people take their own lives each year in England and suicide remains the leading cause of death for men under 45, but most mental ill health can be identified by the age of 14.

Zell, who formerly served as a local high school psychology teacher, has been volunteering for over 10 years and now serves on the NAMI state board, where she dedicates much of her time to awareness and consultation practices.

Data from the 2014 Mission Australia's Youth Survey showed that around 21.2% of young people (15-19 years old) met the criteria for a probably serious mental illness.

It also warns of falling numbers of child psychiatrists, at a time when demand continues to rise.

More than a quarter (26%) of people aged 16-24 years and a similar proportion (25%) of people aged 25-34 years had a 12-month mental disorder, compared with 6% of those aged 75-85 years old. The guidelines emphasise a multi-layered approach to MHPSS programming with an emphasis on strengthening familial and social supports for the wider community, whilst offering more focused and specialised intervention for those in need. Reducing stigma, raising awareness and providing support begins in your home, in your school, in your workplace and in your community.It is our social responsibility.Until and unless mental health problems are recognized and treated at the right time an individual can not lead a happy life and any nation cannot progress.

It explained that in the last few years, attitudes to mental health have started to change.