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On the same trip Trump was mocked for the sartorial get-up she wore on her trip to visit the pyramids and Great Sphinx.

"I don't always agree what he tweets", she said in a rare, unscripted interaction with reporters.

"Sometimes he listens and sometimes he doesn't", Melania continued.

Pith helmets were originally worn by European explorers to cope with warm climates, and soon became a key part of commanding officers' uniforms.

Before arriving in Egypt, Mrs Trump travelled to Kenya, Malawi and Ghana, where she focused on promoting her signature issue of advocating for children, with stops at a hospital, primary school, and an orphanage, Reuters reported.

Her meeting with Sisi and his wife, Entissar Amer, did, however, touch on the Egyptian state's "interest in enhancing the role of women in the society", according to the president's office, though without further details.

The first lady wearing a pith helmet.

"I have my own voice and my opinions and it's very important for me that I express what I feel", she added.

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The International Association of Chiefs of Police is the world's largest professional association for police leaders. Their meeting two weeks ago was postponed amid the Supreme Court nomination hearings.

It took Melania Trump's first big solo worldwide trip for her to show a different side of herself - a playful, less serious one.

When she visited David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi National Park ready to bottle-feed orphaned baby elephants, Mrs Trump wore a white pith hat, riding pants and boots similar to those worn by European colonial masters.

Kim Yi Dionne, who started the hashtag #FLOTUSinAfricaBingo' to document clichés on the first lady's trip, wrote, "I didn't actually want this to happen and I really didn't think it would".

"We just completed an incredible trip - we went to Ghana, we went to Malawi, we went to Kenya, here we are in Egypt", the first lady told reporters Saturday. The people love her, and she loves them!

The First Lady laughed on Friday as she admitted she's told her husband to put the phone down amid one of his famed rants, Daily Mail reports.

The U.S. first lady hopscotched across Africa without President Donald Trump, commanding a spotlight that was hers alone. "Do you?" jacket when she went to visit migrant children detained by her husband's administration in June, this trip through Africa has featured her sporting a shiny white pith helmet - a long standing symbol of colonialism.

On Saturday, Trump spoke with reporters while wrapping up her four-country tour of Africa in Cairo, Egypt. "It's a attractive thing to see", he tweeted.