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The rectangular mile-wide block of ice was seen off the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula near to the Larsen C ice shelf.

The iceberg is believed to have broken off from the Larsen C ice shelf, where a giant iceberg the size of DE calved a year ago.

The icy rectangle was likely formed by a process that's fairly common along the edges of icebergs, explained Nasa ice scientist Kelly Brunt, of the University of Maryland.

We all have an idea of what an iceberg looks like, and usually we imagine a chunky mountainous formation or an irregular slab with a seal lounging on top.

The image was taken as part of NASA's Operation Icebridge, which involves photographing Earth's polar ice to better understand connections between polar regions and the global climate system.

Last month one of the largest icebergs ever recorded, a trillion-ton monster four times the size of London started moving and spinning as it breaks free of the ice.

A huge, flat iceberg with flawless, right angles was spotted on October 16 by NASA's Operation IceBridge floating among sea ice just off the Larsen C ice shelf.

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These are flat and long and form by splitting away from the edges of ice shelves.

She said there were two types of iceberg.

Scientists from the European Space Agency wrote in September, 'Sea ice to the east and shallow waters to the north kept this giant berg, named A68, hemmed in.

"Triangular iceberg surrounded by many different types of sea ice, off the Larsen ice shelf in the Weddell Sea", NASA said.

NASA said, 'A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Larsen C ice shelf.

"What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks nearly like a square", she told the LiveScience website.