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The firm's H1 2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report summarises how applications are consuming the world's Internet bandwidth, reporting on total volume of traffic for over 5,300 distinct application signatures that are part of the Sandvine solutions, and highlights the trends that are driving bandwidth consumption worldwide.

That's according to the latest Global Internet Phenomena Report from Sandvine, a vendor of bandwidth-management systems. A stunning 57.69% of all downstream traffic - which is to say traffic downloaded from, rather than uploaded to, the internet - is now video.

Not too long ago, Netflix switched streaming to encoding in H.264 High Profile and VP9 (profile 0) to react to increasing processor capabilities of decoding streams online.

The streaming service is responsible for an even larger number of total traffic in the US, at 19.1 percent. It notes that despite years of decline as services such as Netflix Inc. have come to the fore, BitTorrent is growing again as more shows are being offered exclusively on different services.

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Outside of video's dominance over downstream internet data, general web browsing takes up 17 percent of global data usage with gaming at 7.8 percent and rising. However, the service's encoding technology makes it the most efficient video provider on the internet.

In Asia Pacific, HTTP media streams were most popular, followed by Facebook in second place and Netflix in third.

Netflix subscribers about to surpass paid TV - 12/22/2017 08:55 AMStreaming video services have been steadily chipping away at cable’s dominance for years&and according to a new report, Netflix might soon surpass cable when it comes to subscriber.

"More sources than ever are producing "exclusive" content available on a single streaming or broadcast service - think "Game of Thrones" for HBO, "House of Cards" for Netflix, "The Handmaid's Tale" for Hulu, or "Jack Ryan" for Amazon", the reports authors wrote last week.