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The person who created the alternate account sends out the message above, hoping to get your friends to accept your request in order to obtain their information.

Clones, different from hacks, means a spammer created a new account under your name, using your pictures and requesting your friends.

The spammer does this, hoping your friends accept the requests thinking it's somebody they know.

"You can stop forwarding that latest warning from your Facebook friends about being hacked".

You can also do a quick search on Facebook of your name to see if there are any secondary Facebook accounts with your name.

A hoax is sweeping across Facebook, which claims people's accounts have been cloned and encourages users to share the message. They just fell into the hoax hole that seems to keep on growing.

While account cloning is a real thing, the viral copy/paste message warning about it is likely not from a cloned account.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2018 Update Is Wiping Off User’s Data
Now, Microsoft has paused the Windows 10 1809 rollout and we know how this bug slipped through the cracks. In a tweet , Sarkar said that technical support teams "have the tools to get you back to a good state".

The best way is to delete such messages and move on, said the report.

The message reads as above.

So, all of those messages that you're seeing from your friends anxious that they were hacked?

Still, what's unusual is that people are (perhaps absentmindedly) sharing a message that includes the words "I actually got another friend request from you", even when they received no such fraudulent friend request. A spokesperson told the Sun: "We've heard that some people are seeing posts or messages about accounts being cloned on Facebook".

That turned into timelines filled with "I got hacked" posts.

This latest incident is the second security breach to occur on Facebook within the past two weeks.