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President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are forecasting nightmarish Democratic "mob rule" to amp up GOP voters for next month's critical midterm elections, flipping the script from complaints that it's Trump and the tea party movement who've boosted rowdy and divisive tactics to unsafe levels.

Fresh off the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, questions arose about what Republicans might do if another vacancy opens on the court in 2020 - and Republican leadership doesn't agree on what they'd do in that situation. "Maybe. And there's a possibility they want infrastructure, I want infrastructure, there's something that can bring us together", he said.

The Kentucky Republican's remarks on the Senate floor were an extended version of a message party leaders have delivered since last week. Republicans have said the rowdy opposition to Kavanaugh has given conservative voters a new enthusiasm.

Republicans have seen a bump in polling since Kavanaugh' confirmation.

"It's turned our base on fire", McConnell said about the battle, which he's called a political gift.

"On numerous Senate races, races that we didn't think we had a chance, we're going to at least do very well and in many cases I think we're going to win", Trump predicted. He added, "They want to destroy".

"It's not about me right now, it's about individual races", he said. Instead, she had to react to Clinton's ill-considered claim that civility should be on furlough until the Democrats regain power.

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Meng Hongwei , 64, vanished from public view after taking a flight from France to Beijing in late September. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Tuesday in Beijing .

Crowds at Trump campaign rallies have long chanted that about 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Grass roots tea party activists opposed to President Barack Obama's health care bill noisily disrupted lawmakers' town hall meetings across the country in summer 2009, booing and accusing Democrats of lying.

He emphasized that Washington voters are known to not vote a straight party-line ticket, and he said he trusts voters will continue to vote for person over party.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has said he's starting his role without bitterness following his bruising confirmation process. Republicans have said some received death threats and were stalked at their homes. (Republicans are especially likely to say they are benefiting from an improved economy: 42% say their family is better off financially than they were a year ago, almost double the percentage of independents who say this, and more than three times the percentage of Democrats.) Republicans also cite immigration.

"I think that people understand that there's a difference between the people talking on national news and the people they know in their neighborhood", he said.

McConnell described demonstrators "literally storming the steps" of the Capitol, and pointedly noted that these activities followed last year's shooting of GOP lawmakers at a morning baseball practice.