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Four anonymous sources, all said to be working at different game studios, told Kotaku they are now in the midst of fixing bugs and tweaking their games so that they are compatible with Sony's future plans.

Multiplayer game developers are preparing for PlayStation Network username changes to come soon, three people at different game studios have told Kotaku. In any case, the fourth source noted the documentation was a how-to guide for changing a PSN username. One reportedly shared a photo from Sony internal documents, showing an "edit username" option on a sample PSN profile (the image was not shared by Kotaku). Some of those same sources cited in this article also claim that the way PSN usernames were originally implemented means that it actually takes quite a bit of work to accommodate the possibility of users suddenly changing them en masse (which is exactly what will happen when this actually lands).

No release date for the feature has been revealed, and Sony had no comment in response to Kotaku's reporting. However, we imagine it will be implemented before the impending end of the PS4.

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For context, Microsoft has allowed Xbox Live users to change their usernames for years.

Sony have previously said they are aware many people would like the feature but it was technically very hard to implement.

We still don't know precisely when Sony is looking to introduce PSN name changing, so it's still up in the air, but it's interesting to hear other developers coming forward and more or less confirming it's coming.