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"On behalf of our nation, I would like to apologize to Brett and his family for the bad pain and suffering that you have been forced to endure", Trump, standing in the East Room of the White House, said in the televised event. ".kavanaugh.pdf">approved of Trump's presidency said they did so more because of the positions Trump takes on issues than because of his personality and leadership qualities.

Kavanaugh's predecessor, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired in June, was a more moderate conservative and sometimes sided with the court's four liberal justices.

"If I'm chairman, they won't take it [Supreme Court nomination] up", said Grassley. That process is over.

"Our generation has found in you what those before us found in Professor Anita Hill: a heroism based not on greed, ego, violence, and self-serving nationalism but truth, vulnerability, and the courage to sacrifice one's own safety for the greater good", said the letter, which is posted on the me too website.

It was the end of a deeply contentious nomination process that sparked mass protests, an FBI investigation and a national reckoning over power, gender, sexual assault and the line between violence and adolescent transgression.

Late Monday, Trump was set to rub salt into opponents' wounds by hosting a formal swearing-in ceremony.

"A man or a woman must always be presumed innocent, unless and until proven guilty", the president added, to applause in the White House East Room. Lacy had been working at the White House in support of Kavanaugh's nomination.

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Opener Kieran Powell (83, 93b, 8×4, 4×6) was the only West Indian batsmen to make a significant contribution in the second essay. The upcoming Test is scheduled to be played on October 12 at Rajiv Gandhi International cricket stadium, Hyderabad.

The crowd was orders of magnitude smaller than the throngs of women who occupied Senate halls and heckled Republican senators in the runup to Kavanaugh's critical confirmation vote last Saturday, but used the same costumes and held the same signs: "Kava-Nope", "Believe Survivors", and "We do not consent". "That is who I am".

He cited the Republicans' thin, 51-49 Senate majority. "It is not a partisan or political institution", he said. "Frightful statements that were totally untrue that he knew nothing about". "And he toughed it out", Trump said at the International Association of Chiefs of Police meeting.

The bitterly divided US Senate voted 50-48 on Saturday to confirm Justice Kavanaugh, with just one Democrat supporting him.

Kavanaugh asked several questions during lively oral arguments involving a federal sentencing law for repeat offenders, three days after being confirmed by the Republican-led Senate despite being accused of sexual assault.

Again on Monday, Missouri Republican Senate hopeful Josh Hawley warned that the Kavanaugh hearing illuminates the Left's ultimate agenda. "Think of your sons", Trump told supporters at a rally in MS this month, saying that men would be fired from their jobs for being unfairly accused of sexual harassment.

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace vouched for frequent guest and Democratic attorney Michael Avenatti on September 26 when his client Julie Swetnick came forward with claims-which she later changed-that Kavanaugh was involved with parties where gang rapes routinely occurred and he spiked girls' drinks. Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

But after being sworn in, Kavanaugh struck a markedly more conciliatory tone.