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The record haul almost tripled O'Rourke's fundraising for the entire cycle, and easily surpassed the previous record set by former New York Republican Rep. Rick Lazio in his 2000 U.S. Senate bid against Hillary Clinton.

For Cruz, it's now a rallying cry in the final stretch until Election Day. Lazio lost the race by 12 points. Hillary Clinton of NY, who broke records when she raised almost $52 million for her 2006 reelection.

There are a few potential answers to that question. Still others pointed out that money, even vast sums, does not necessarily translate to wins - a prime example being Democrat Jon Ossoff's failed 2017 special election bid for a Georgia House seat, which was the most expensive House race ever. Ted Cruz speaks to supporters inside Baker Boys BBQ in Gonzales, Texas, Sept. 15, 2018.

All told, Mr. O'Rourke brought in $38.1 million, according to the campaign. It can buy stamps for direct mail, or pay for radio, print, and TV advertising in Texas's almost twenty distinct (and often expensive) media markets. Money bought ads and organization and the more you had the better your chances. It doesn't make too much sense in Texas Senate races, though that's the pie-in-the-sky dream territory for Democrats, who also spent $36 million on State Senator Wendy Davis' ill-fated gubernatorial run in 2014 (she lost 59 percent to 39 percent).

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"O'Rourke might be making headlines. but his message is anti-conservative Texas values", Mosbacher said. Cruz raised $4.6 million in the same period, reporting more than $10 million cash on hand. Three and a half weeks is an eternity in politics, but a short time in the world of recruiting, hiring, training, and deploying workers-a challenge of the O'Rourke campaign will probably be to split the difference. That number highlights just how remarkable O'Rourke's tally was.

O'Rourke said the contributions came from 800,000-plus donors nationwide.

The total is more than three times the roughly $12 million Cruz has said he raised during the quarter for the final stretch of campaigning before the November 6 election and is all but certain to make O'Rourke the top fundraiser for the quarter among all Democratic congressional candidates.

O'Rourke's unprecedented fundraising caused a stir on social media, with many commentators noting that it outpaced what high-profile presidential candidates have raised in a quarter in the past.