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Twitter last year banned some Russia-based accounts accused of spreading misinformation during the 2016 U.S. election, and earlier this year acknowledged that hundreds of accounts from Russian Federation and Iran were engaged in manipulation efforts.

Its public release also included several memes and other images from the tweets.

Since the 2016 USA election meddling went under the nose of Twitter, the company has become very diligent towards catching any troll accounts.

Twitter on Wednesday released a massive trove of data associated with foreign influence and misinformation campaigns spanning almost a decade - just three weeks before the USA midterm elections.

Twitter has published an archive of 10 million tweets and media it says are from accounts it believes are potentially the product of Russian and Iranian state-backed information operations on the microblogging site.

"We are making this data available with the goal of encouraging open research and investigation of these behaviors from researchers and academics around the world", Twitter said in a statement on its "elections integrity" site.

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The Iranian campaign, they said, appeared to have been more focused on spreading its own government's messages via links to sympathetic websites.

"Particularly in the Russian dataset a lot more of the content was in Russian than in English", said Nimmo.

Russian and Iranian internet trolls sent more than 10 million Tweets in an effort to spread disinformation and discord in the West, including a day-long blitz on the day of the Brexit vote.

"We are guided by the fundamental principle of transparency and would like to understand how exactly is the foreign influence and implementation of information campaigns". Surprising researchers, these accounts had been far less active on Twitter about a major touchstone in U.S.

In August, Facebook and Twitter said they had found hundreds of accounts, pages and groups based in Iran that they said covertly spread political content to people on four continents including in the U.S.

"There has been a lot of misunderstanding on the IRA operation, notably because the public was working with bits and pieces of data", said Camille Francois, director of research for social media data analytics firm Graphika.