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Hirono said she was not concerned about a backlash from Democratic voters if the deal appears favorable to Republicans.

Clearing the judicial nominees provided a signature walk-off for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who has focused on reshaping the judiciary with more conservative jurists. As "owned by one side", or as "impartial and neutral and fair"? They haven't seen enough.

"I was not appointed to serve one party or one interest, but to serve one nation".

While the demonstrations were intense and some Republicans reported personal threats, liberal protesters' tactics were broadly in line with those used by groups on the left and right during particularly passionate moments in Washington.

Previous women's protests have included plenty of anti-Trump rhetoric.

It's not unusual for Republicans and Democrats alike to sharpen their rhetoric as elections approach in hopes of drawing loyal voters to the polls. Lacy had been working at the White House in support of Kavanaugh's nomination.

He categorically denies all the allegations. In Texas, 49 percent of probable voters are "base Republicans", twice as many as the probable "base Democrats" that are expected to show up at the polls.

On the heels of the Kavanaugh confirmation, Senate Republicans broke the backs of Senate Democrats in a deal yesterday.

#MeToo movement explodes: Sajid Khan steps down as 'Housefull 4' director
The source also further added that a press conference will be held in which the makers will make the official announcement. Following the allegations, Sajid Khan stepped down as the director of Housefull 4 on 12 October.

The poll suggests disagreement with Trump's view that Kavanaugh had been exonerated, and does not support the notion of a national backlash against the attacks on Kavanaugh, as some Republicans have suggested.

"If Democrats fail to offer something substantial and different in terms of economic and foreign policy, if they fail to renew their traditional commitment to working people, they will not get any traction with independent voters, the so called Reagan Democrats", Vladimir Golstein, associate professor of Slavic Studies at Rhode Island-based Brown University, told Sputnik.

"They are asking me to perform an official act and if I do not do what they want, $2 million plus is going to go to my opponent". Democrats agreed to unanimous consent on 15 judicial and 21 executive branch nominees.

This is the third Women's March through Chicago.

They're accusing Democrats of condoning "mob rule" - a phrase that's popped up in GOP rhetoric since raucous demonstrators opposing Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination harangued Republicans at the Capitol last week.

Take West Virginia, where Trump won the state by 42 percentage points in 2016, the largest margin in any state that Democrats are defending in the midterms. RCP forecasts a 1-seat gain for the GOP in the Senate. "On behalf of the nation, I'd like to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the awful pain and suffering you've been forced to endure", President Trump said. They've aimed it in recent days at Sen.

The dissatisfaction with Kavanaugh is driven by American women - which is hardly surprising, given his likely role in undermining women's reproductive freedoms in the country and the multiple allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct against him. She and other left-wing activists blasted Democrats for allowing McConnel to "jam through" Trump nominees.

If before this amendment is ratified by the States, the size of the Supreme Court has been increased by statute or constitutional amendment to more than nine members, once this amendment is ratified, those additional judicial offices beyond the nine in place in 2018 are void. Republicans have said some received death threats and were stalked at their homes.